BoX® Optics Grinder

BoX® represents the state of the art in ultra precision production technology for rapidly grinding medium and large sized optics.

With its unique and patented design BoX® can both fabricate and measure freeform surfaces to unprecedented quality levels.

Box® provides:

  • Freeform surface generation
  • Unrivalled form accuracy capability
  • Rapid processing rates
  • Reduced levels of sub-surface damage
  • Low cost of ownership

Maximum diameter:
1200, 1600 or 2200 mm

Maximum height (including fixture):
600 mm

Maximum mass (including fixture):
1000 kg

Maximum material removal rate:
200mm3 / second (providing productivity of a 1 metre optic in less than 10 hours)

Grinding form accuracy capability:
< 1μm RMS on 1000 mm size parts

Sub surface damage:
 < 0.01 mm

Maximum surface slope:
 +/- 20°

Width (front facing): 3500 mm

Height: 2750 mm

Length: 2350 mm

Mass: approximately 20000 kg