BoX Freeform Grinding Machine

BoX® Freeform Grinding Machine

BoX® a state of the art in ultra precision freeform grinding machine for rapid production of medium and large sized optics.


μ6 Micro TURN/MILL Machine

Ultra precision 6 Axis CNC machine tool providing diamond turning and micro-milling capabilities for manufacturers in quantum devices, electro-optics, medical devices, watch components and sensors sectors.

u5 image

μ5 TURN/MILL Machine

New era 5 Axis CNC TURN/MILL machine tool providing high flexibility in precision turning and milling suitable for finishing near net complex shape AM substrates, laser targets, electro-optics and air bearing components.


AEROLOX Series 200 Linear Motion Slides

High load capacity air bearing based linear motion product range offering  nanopositioning for precision machinery, automation systems and metrology platforms.